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Joe Hermer

SOCC03 Collective Behaviour Lecture 7 13 November 2013 Report Doping - Canada has there own snitch line - This is a hotline where you can anonymously call in the number or do it through the internet and anonymously report information - When reporting doping activity you must provide as much information as possible and specify if you heard it yourself or from someone else - A form of gossip is being institutionalized this way - Here say is the way that gossip has been framed in courts and it is usually admissible, and they don’t use it as supportive evidence Rob Ford - brings this up just to emphasize the complications of gossip and rumour - Rumour turns into gossip and gossip turns into rumour - There is a rumour that he smoked crack - Then he denied it and then he came out and said yes he did - This generated a whole bunch of new rumours and gossip - How powerful is it when the first image came out, it was a snap from a video - How much power did the photo graph have? - The role of whether the image provides proof is ambiguous - Images becomes more and more powerful - But at the same speed images can be false - So it is a weird paradox, because it has increase proof but images can be photoshoped Halloween Costume Because of technology there are new controversies of white people dressing up as black people. When before it used to be people putting stuff in candy. - There were several costumes that went viral this Halloween - A mother decided to dress her son up as a kkk member on instagram and they were harassed because of this - Another one, a college student tweeted a costume and she dressed up as a Boston Marathon bombers. This lead to outrage after it went viral, but apparent death threats. They hacked her FaceBook, and got nude pictures of her and started a campaign against her. - This shows the power that technology has and how collective behaviour is becoming more powerful without the physical proximation Urban Legend - a girl went to prom and then she started not to feel well and then she started to smell her partner and she felt sick, and then she went to the washroom, took off her dress and then she splashed her face. Then she went back and started dancing and then they went to take her to the hospital and she died. - The autopsy showed that the dress that she was wearing had formaldehyde and it had been on a corpse and then re sold in a store. - In an elevator, a black man got on with a black Doberman, and there was three women already on it. Then he said sit when he got on, and then the women sat. And he said no I meant the dog. - Then, they asked the guy what’s a good place to eat. Then he told them where to go. After they ate there and they were going to pay, he had already taken care of the bil and they were puzzled. Then the waiter said it was Reggie Jackson. - These two are examples of urban legend. - Urban legends are closely related to rumours but they are a type of story telling, that tells a certain truth about the world. - Urban Legend - It is a story that is substantially false, but its told and often circulated as being true. (it suggests that we can understand it as a literary genre, that has specific types of quality) may have urban legend about women being assaulted, of course this is true but the story in how it is told gives us a key if it is a urban legend or not) - Somewhat like a rumour- told until its is proven as being true or false. (it is like a rumour, (two parts of rumour, mechanism and content) so urban legends are like rumours in how they are transmitted. But rumours are different, first of all it takes a long time to prove the truth or falsity of the urban legend itself) - Can understand urban legend as a particular literary genre- has a specific form and content and utilizes specific narrative devices. (a genre categorizes something that is being told) - Six Characteristics of Urban Legend as a Literary Genre - 1. A dramatic story - 2. A moral or a message - 3. Dramatize Fears and Anxieties - 4. A Grain of Conventional Truth - 5. Supportive Local Detail - 6. A credible Source - Example: a kid died from a drug infected needle from playing in the ball pit in McDonalds. This story is dramatic. It has a moral message. It has somewhat unbelievable but yet believable. It is plausible and something that can happen. - 1. A dramatic Story - A good tale - Simple and concisely written - Clever use of coincidence - Somewhat unbelievable elements make it more believable - Plausible but not fantastic (unlike fairy tales) - *what makes it different from a fairy tale - The little red riding hood, is a tale that is centuries old, it is a basic story and touches on basic human themes. - This story has art time features, that when Estelle Lauren wore a red cape we knew that this was little red riding hood, playing on the innocence of the character. - However fairy tales are often quite violent and disturbing - But what is thte difference between fairytale and urban legend - They are both good stories and dramatic but the difference is that fairy tales are fantastical. There are no talking wolves. Urban legends are plausible and believable but fairy tales are fantastical. - 2. Moral or a message - Parable- they have a moral lesson, like with a sense of urgency (we saw this with McDonalds
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