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Joe Hermer

Lecture Four [September 25, 2013] - Revenge porn: Posting pics after break up o Sites where you can post with contact info to humiliate and revenge o Collective behavior? – no, not spontaneous, family institutionalized Final Paper: - Foundation of CB: SUFE - Most behavior in grey area involves content of behavior. Talk about a social phenomenon in terms of if it has high content of CB - Phenomenon changes - Not either/or paper about whether something is CB – use classic definition as point of discussion of content - Classically, public and crowd overlaps, you can only be in one crowd (one body) but can be in multiple publics - Social media can be “Expressive crowd” Emergent Norm Theory - Emergent Norm Theory: People guided intrinsically by norms - Discredited because of assumptions that CB is no more destructive than normal behavior – not always a bomb - Crowds are much more diverse than you think - Does not address modification of norms - Situations change norm with moral justification o i.e. Leaving animal/children in a hot car in summer, you would break the window to save them - Sex Chant: Low content or no collective behavior o Does not fit Emergent Norm Theory - Media as Collective behavior? o Depend on platform (i.e. Fox, CBC – yes) o Depends on speed/content used (twitter, etc.) Riots: Collective Behavior - Two perspectives of riots: o Conservative: mobs, destructive o Noble: political; see on different scales (local and national) - Goode: Given the demonstrations/histories, there are such few forms of collective violence - i.e. Sammy Yatim o High content of CB o Riot? Not considered. A highly expressive crowd but was not violent because it was last minute, loosely organized and also the tender way police handled the rally o What could’ve turned it into acting crowd (riot)?  Throwing rocks, etc. If part of the crowd started acting violent, small possibility of it happening.  When protest is handled by police heavy-handedly, fail to consider emotional control Types of Riots: - Purposive: specific goal o i.e. labor dispute – strike by workers, owners bring in subs to work in factory,
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