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Sheldon Ungar

The spirit of capitalism I. A connection between religion and social change, as religions changing society, it reshapes other institutions, namely, the economy. 1. Early Protestantism, 1530s, 1520s, was made up of many groups because they broke from Catholic. One particular powerful sect is Calvinism, which creates Capitalism. 2. How? It changes culture values surrounding the way people make money. Calvinism added something to something to the general inclinations to make money, specifically, Capitalism. 3. Capitalism is new, encouraging the rational and free labor. Free labor is u work whenever u want, there's no compulsion. 4. Calvinism also encouraged business in unions, hence business started separating from families, and become more powerful and reinforced in the society. 5.Also encouraged rational book keeping. Business know double-entrance book keeping: money spend(red)--------money u earn(black). At the end of the year, you compare to calculate the profits. (business didnt know before) This is a technic, more logic and system, to help you become more efficient, to better survive. 6.Science became more prevalent. Use of mathematical strategy also became popular after the advance of Calvinism (dismal system in India) 7.How do you become saved? Calvinism said u achieve those thru business success and hard work, the more u work. Hence the great sin is being lazy. 8.Calvinism also doesn't spend money on themselves, they live frugally, accumulate capitals and invest in other areas to make more money. * Weber regards the develop of capitalism as a negative process, "Iron Cage" There's no room left for spont
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