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c11 lec 3

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Rania Salem

rd Socc11 lecture 3 (January 23 ) -the definition of policing is the reflection of space -research paper: any topic that engages to the central theme of policing and security -the outline (due feb 6 ): clear statement about the purpose of paper, the rq and your argument. (2) how are you going to answer this research paper, what themes are you going to use? (e.g) My research paper is going to address _________? I am going to address this question by looking at recent cases, engage the question around public place… (3)give three academic sources that will assist you with your research paper -policing: any activity that is expressly designed and intended to establish and maintain or enforce a defined order within a community (pg. 23) Defined order: a set of explicit or implicit norms designed to regulate behaviors (conduct), relations or expression and to provide for the establishment of institution and procedures -defined order is a mixture or amalgam of formal legal authority and implicit/explicit social norms *may be defined Three inter-related spheres of policing 1. Formal groups (state and non-state) 2. Social or economic roles 3. Citizens—responsibilzed -policing is a continuum of activities that involve these three spheres where at one you have formal institutions such as police and peace officers, and the other hand you have non police, non-state actors -elections Canada: assisted by RCMP tech crime unit and accounting firm pricewaterhouse coopers LP -in the hybrid part of the continuum, there’s a diverse sphere that is neither public or private but rather a meshing of both public and private -the lateralization of policing; how in the last 30 years where police forces had a monopoly on policing has now sort of flattened down into this sort of sphere where you have a variety of actors of state and non-state functions; police forces now known as public services -anyone who is working with over-hanged crane, by law, they need a police officer there, thus hire them which is expensive because its usually double their pay. However this was eliminated soon after because a construction company did not want paid duty officers during heavy traffic due to liability and insurance issue in which it drives a strong sector of hybrid policing form -responsibalization is a general neo-liberal theme in which people are responsible for our own and others safety; “crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility, know your neighbor”. This is sometimes contradictory because police tell us to be careful from strangers, and on the other hand we’re encouraged to know our neigbors and look out for them e.g during the winter ice storm -thus, responsibalization is a tricky concept -this lateralization has signalled the legitimacy for the police because they’ve lost their monopoly which were engaged in police and crime issues - in a car crash, if the damage is over $1000, it is vital to report the scene and call the insurance company -collision reporting centres changed because they’re more efficient, and now convenient because if you get into a fender-bender, police will come around for hours -now theres a shift from what traditional police do, after you go to the collision reporting centre, they give you a sticker and the main purpose of going there is to be in the system and insuring the insurance company -collision centres are not run by the police, they’ve contracted out to Accident Support Service International LTD. -shift from what the police did during a car collision (paper work) to less involvement of theirs and more efficiently shifted to contracted collision centres -who pays/funds and supports collision centres and their services? -insurance companies pays accident support service companies for the collision centre services -we’re not involving any public servants or police officers for anything except during a 911 call. -police has now become privatized into centres that assist the needs of others and get an efficient process of a computer base where they can access the collision case -who runs the security at
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