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Rania Salem

C2 Wk 3 Readings Fox and Yiu, As Times Change th -on 13 September 2007, Canadians awoke to the news that family was being redefined in the country -common-law families were growing in number more than five times faster than married couple families, and same sex couples were increasing five times faster than any type of heterosexual union -advocates of a return to family values see cause for alarm in these changes -Popenoe argues that today’s family decline is due to the decline of nuclear unit which is the fundamental and most basic unit of the family and society. He resonates strongly with popular wisdom. The nuclear family performs two functions: (1) good quality child rearing (2) the satisfaction of adults’ need for affection. Nuclear family is the best institution to carry out these functions and maintain social order -while Popenoe blames individuals and their increasing selfishness for rejecting family, Coontz argues that the problem people are having is from the absence of public supports to changing families -Conway believes like Popenoe that’s there is a crisis in in family and the conclusion is to support emerging family forms at personal and public levels -changing family patterns reflect changes in the economy and the adjustments adults must make to earn a livelihood -families have orgainzed around a division of work and responsibility based on gender relation and the position of women and men affect family patterns Long Term Trends -the largest change is the decline of birth rates and the age at whic
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