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Joe Hermer

Lecture notes - After the 70s and 80s, ongoing trends brought regulations, if they are not properly done; rules and regulations are practically useless. o No one knows what they are o They are used for extreme events o Not for normal people − Developments that would change classic police culture o Shift towards community policing o Neo-liberal model part of which is recasting of public as customers o Diversification of police recruitment/body o New political sensitivity around policing o Technology − Loftus asks have these changes made a difference. o Given these changes  It is not the rule that fits the practice but the practice that fits the rule o She found that police have a simple de-contextualized understanding of criminality o Re-enforced through on the job socialization and arise as officers adapt to situations o She came to a number of conclusions:  Police have an exaggerated sense of mission towards police role  An exaggerated point: police always fight crime  Idea of tax payers—suspects and offenders as customers • Police is being turned into low level service providers  A masculine ethos • She points out that if you ask a police officer what your job is. One is often told through storytelling, they use figurative language  Managing police realities • Your interaction with the police is of negative quality and depression • Work can be often unrewarding and monotonous • The underlying tension is the strain between expectations of what police work involves and its daily realities • Often critical of soft laws and lenient judges  Preserving dominance • Maintaining control and getting respect • Police officers treat their patrol areas as a geography, a territory of normal appearances • The attitude test o Public passing the attitude test o Part if their job is to see if the offender has respect for the officer • Officers want to stamp their authority and get on with
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