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Francisco Villegas

SOCC25 W6 Living with precarious legal status in Canada - They need to have some sort of well-being. If it is positive it can effectively become part of a society. But if you don’t know how your status will be affected, you won’t have well-being. - Condition of permanent temporariness o You don’t know what your position is in the society o Many people are turned away from this services because they don’t want to negotiate their status and are afraid - She was afraid of being rejected by community because she didn’t have legal status or precarious status. - Impact on children o They are not provided with benefits o Feels different from other children. Not provided with basic security. o Always in fear and embarrassment o Always worried that they will do something wrong and might be deported - Double consciousness o Although you are Canadian how does it affect you o They might think they are always minority although they might not believe in it Prof’s comment - What boundary is and how citizenship is framed - Who fits in it and who is outside. The MATERIAL consequences and who ahs access to housing, schools, dreams is the focus of this week’s reading - The idea of threat – who is the threat to society and how the threat is perceived in society. The discussion of what is at risk. - Create work opportunity for these people but you don’t hear about other things. The idea of who is a threat to nation. - Migrants are unavailable because they are leaching off the system and housing. Migrants don’t pay taxes… all these things’ discourses have been set up where we can readily deconstruct things. Migrants do pay taxes. Rent you pay is the subsidy to your landlord for your boss for property tax. - Privilege invisibilizes itself. The burden of proof falls on those that are trying to prove innocence. How Filipino workers and domestic workers - Gender roles in who is responsible for childbearing and who is not - Mothers must be caring, and they are the only ones that can be caring, and fathers can
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