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University of Toronto Scarborough
Francisco Villegas

SOCC25 – W13 - She looks at how anti-racism is manifested in civil society and movement and institutions, and she looks at how these movements actually manifest themselves into this thing called globalization. - Other people are different from who we are and it creates dynamic where we are aware of ourselves. She also talks about distablizes traditional and political actions that control countries and by that she talks about the fact that because globalization that governs who we are as people affect the perception. We lost faith in certain degree in what governmental institution is now facing. This lack of control resulted in governmental bodies as institutions that they actually control. - Because government is even more focused on the territories that they control and people control. The idea that because globalization is the communication we have – cell phone, internet, people we would have never been able to spoken to without these means of communication. If you are anti-racist movement, in the past you would have focused your attention directly to change your policies are against your idea of yourself. You are looking to the bigger, global institutions that have new forms of power. Now you can use these to create relationships where these global and international organizations can have changes that are the new relationship she is talking about. She says anti-racism itself is not something that can be tied down to the mode of being. Because people experience racism differently, it is completely different cross globe Europe as a transnational concept to see how anti racist movement has formed in relation to each other and governmental bodies. - Britain: largely organization on racism on color based racism – specific and color based like black vs white. She sees conflict btwn actors that are trying to create change – representation and entitlements. 2 primary types of racism – anti-colonialism and anti-facism. She is giving overview of history of how these bodies are formed so there is not much to fall apart. She talks about the idea that anti colonialism that shapes in new left. She says AF came into Britains beings btwn the 30’s and 50’s, because of the WW2 and Germany/Hitler deal. So she talked about the idea that the problem with Anti-facism that was informed by anti facism it was itself limiting its ability to have huge impact. She talked about moving forward and campaign against discrimination. Card played the role in creating action, it was formed in relation to the fact that Britain was reforming structure after WW2 and accepting immigrants. Card represented the conflict that arises on the whole – you have different groups that come from diff context. With Card that had racist groups, it lands conflict between liberals, white liberals, and extreme radicals. She said they ran into issue when they had to fight for resources and representation. She also spoke about trying to define that it was problematic cuz of the way they were mobilized. They come from diff contexts. There was idea not necessarily being mobilized to address AR but the issues that people are experiencing AR. You are not being mobilized just for racism but for other things as well. She talked about the idea of hybridity – category that we claim to be anti racism. i.e. muslim don’t feel representative of AR. It is black vs white, same with women - France: AR begin in the enlightenment period – dealt w anti colonialism and AF as forms of AR. The idea that there is signified difference. She also talked about integration and immigration. popular racism – when you think of racism, it is not something that pushes you for socialization, it actually sounds like anti socialization. She pointed out that anti__ can over time be anti-racist actions. She says we can be fighting for certain issues. Over time you are not changing issues, ___missed - European activity: she is talking about international body itself and being an international body is whole new type of issue because these bodies are not at state level. in addition to relation in order for these bodies to make change, they have to go thru the whole new level of relationship to interact w the bodies… part of the problem is that the policies the govt is imposing on them affectly and directly is stand off ish for direct relationsip. Organizations need to create the actual bodies. We reach a point where protest cannot go further to connect with the governing bodies. Ass a grstitut movement they are able to move thru that connection. It did not want to necessaiily interact w that gover
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