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Francisco Villegas

Minority / Majority - Race: dominant and oppressed - Is it in relation to Number / power? - U of T is made up of undergrads, but undergrads do not have power. Power is in the hands of few selective people in the few administration chain. Conceptual differentiation we can make in relation to these concepts is where the power like. Furthermore how we relate power to operate. - If we are speaking about this in relation to race, who is in power in this relationship - How do we determine the majority, who has power in this university to determine the norm? Who decides what an undergrad curriculum looks like? Who decides who needs to take classes? What is legit knowledge? We have to problematize these terms. Just because there is numerical majority that doesn’t mean it is in power. - 47% in UT are E. Asian but they are not in power. People with executive positions are white. - This doesn’t mean we have to include more racialized people in the power- circle. A true transformative practice
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