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Week 1 Lecture Note

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John Hannigan

Anti-Urban Sentiment and the Origins of Modern Urban Planning This course started in 18 -19 century Cities like Antigua were planned and follow a particular plan Once you get out of Antigua, cities tend to be built in a way where there are narrow streets and wooden buildings (chaotic) Fire changed that systematic manner Most of the big cities in the world at one time or another were impacted by devastating fires Why were they impacted by fires? building material of choice was wood Think about cities today and hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamisthose cities that are built of materials that cant withstand earthquakes etc. are devastating Yesterday was first anniversary of Haiti earthquake One of the big problems physically in Haiti was most of those buildings were built not to withstand earthquakesthey crumble Other places in the world now that are based on Haitian experience now have building codes that require buildings that are not earthquake proof that at least they can withstand anything but earthquakes Most cities today dont build out of wood, they build out of concrete and other materials th Prior to 20 century, most buildings were constructed out of wood When they caught fire, there is no such thing as fire wall and sprinkler system Fire would go from one building to another Chicago fire was one of the great fires talked about Another important factor is these buildings were built in very close proximity to one another, streets were close, so when fire started, it spread rapidly As we go through some urban designs later on, one of the differences is they begin to build streets that rather than being narrow, are wide and parking spaces are wider apart If you travelled in Europe, many European cities have these old cities like Barcelona, Spain, and other places in Europe that have preserved European city-like (wind like maze) University Avenue is built in a beautiful approach large monumental buildings, nothing like streets and neighbourhoods that existed in Canada Paris is a good example where some grand avenues have the new designs
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