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Lecture 3

Week 3 Lecture Note

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John Hannigan

Radiant City and Le Corbusier Much of the GTA population lives in high rises, and the density is quite high At one point, the area around Fairview Mall in North York was the second densest settlement in Canada; the highest was in Vancouver Clearly, in cities like Toronto, you have many residential high rises, and in these high rises, you have dense population Where did the notion of the high rise come from? o The high rise is a relatively new invention o In fact, up until the 20 century, there werent any high rises o The highest buildings in cities were churches, but beyond that, most buildings were low rise o In the case of Toronto, for a long time, the highest building was the Royal York Hotel o Starting in the 20 century, high rise buildings, apartments, and condominiums started to be built everywhere o Where did the high rise come from? - Answer lies in French architectureplanner o He is best known by Le Corbusier o He was born Charles-douard Jeanneret (1887-1965) Le Corbusier in contrast to Ebenezer Howard, was born in to privilege, in a situation of prosperity Hes often thought of being French, but was born in Switzerland and then later on moved to France One of the ironies about him is that he grew up in an environment which emphasizes the tradition He became a representative of modern architecture and design He grew up in a community in Switzerland that was known for watch making Community watchmakers existed in contrast to industrial revolution (factories, assembly lines, and mass production) Community in Switzerland was traditional made watches in the way they were made a hundred years ago handmade with skilled craftsmen and thus hang onto traditional values and ideas and traditional ways of doing things How he came up with the high rise - had to do with his fascination of technology At the same time as he was in sympathy of the old and traditional, he embraced everything that was new and technology He sometimes suggested that his life of philosophy changed when introduced with something called technological rationalism = belief that architecture must be based on a firm knowledge of materials and mathematics because would want to be sure high rises wouldnt fall down Materials was central to his approach In particular, one of the things really important here was the invention of something called the structural steel = when building starts to go up, at first its the steel work that goes up, especially when youre going 20-30 storeys up
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