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Week 8 Lecture Note

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John Hannigan

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Frank Lloyd Wright Broadacre City Frank Lloyd Wright = the final utopian thinker Brilliant architect, completely convinced genius Grew up in Wisconsin, poor student, left home, and ended up in architect office in Chicago Found his purpose of life, teamed up with the other guy in architect office and designed suburban homes Became one of the most popular leading designers with suburban homes for middle class in Chicago, in community Oak Park Caught the eye of leading millionaire at the time, the guy who was largely responsible for running the stockyards in Chicago, married his daughter and moved to upper class in suburbs Thought his life was set, but then fell in love with clients life, ditched his wifefamily and scandalized everybody and ultimately left US for Europe Then as we move on, he stayed for a while, came back to US, decides to build his greenhouse in Wisconsin and is a huge innovation when it comes to design because he built an ecological design Tragedy hits, happens to be away from Chicago in a mentally ill servant, burns down the house with all his life and kids in it and house was burned down and devastated Sits into a depression, moves into countries like Japan and observed various designs in Japan and used them in US Ditched Europe and returned to US One of his romantic interests suggests he was charged and put in jail, finally he gets his personal life turned around and he continues to design houses and build as an architect In a way, he was the one who built modernistic house, his idea was what society and cities looked like, came up with utopian notionideal city called Broadacre City In a way, this is misleading because his solution in fact is to totally do a away with cities Comes up with a scheme, which among other things recommends that every family in the US be given one acre of land, and build the house on that acre, basically this is a way of deurbanizing, and gets the ultimate solution in terms of closing down the industrial city, as the industrial city is evil and provides a number of problems, so decides to tear it down and dont build cities Was a complete opposite of society Utopian idea is completely based on decentralization What he foresees is a nation which is made up of independent farmers and proprietors the industrial economy shifts to something else When he got his ideas in 1920s, in the midst of high point of urban industrial society and this architect comes around and says do away with factories and shift back to society, which is farming In some ways, the manufacturing in economy has in significant ways gone down, in many ways were moving to economies based on service industries and high tech, and the old industrial economy disappeared There are a few elements of Broadacre City which should be noted:
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