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Julian Tanner

How the suburbs were kept segregated ethically, racially etc how neighborhoods in the city originally became segreagted in the first place the city grows outwards towards the margins from the central business district each new group that migrates to the city usually begins in the zone of transition or the zone of working mans home then once these people made money etc they would move farther away there was segregation but it was really tied to the question of how long you have been in america and how long youve worked chicago black belt: the most concenrtation of black people, unlike the other people, these people didnt move away from the central city too much south is more poor, have more latinos and black people there are various institutional measures that were put in place by a combination of local govt and financial insitiutions etc to keep minority groups out of the white communities 1. zoning ordinate systems: designate certain neighborhoods and restrict what you could or could not do in those areas; it was initially used to keep out industrial activities or to keep out prostitution, only one pet/house, frequency used to disadvantage those from poor and minority families and discriminated agaisnt certain groups in society 2. red lining: residential lending, mortgages, insurance on homes etc type a property is blue: found in outskirts of the city and was the most desireable area for mortgages and loans type b: not quite as good but still desireable type c in yellow: declining in value and desirability type d in red: areas that was considered to be the riskiest for mortgage support; applied to older districts in the centre of the city, high black population banks will turn you down because of this ensures those on the bottom end of income had to remain renters and couldnt become home owners the most desirable properties were new suburban ones and central city ones were least; so there was a built in bias towards new housing what about in canada? We didnt have too many minority people at that time so this wasnt really applicable to cananda but then it was later found that this was happening in canada but in different ways; it didnt have so m
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