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WHY STUDY FAMILY AND GENDER IN THE MODERN MIDDLE EAST 1. Birthplace of 3 major religions 2. Also at the crossroad at europe, africa and asia so it had siginificant in the colonial era 3. Oil weath (upwards of 50% of the worlds oil reserves) It was discovered in the 1930's Miltary and political intervention has often been justified because they have often been pointed to the status of the regions women Eg. 2001 after 9/11 attack after the US launched its invasion in Afghanistan the leaders said that it was an attempt to help the women and children in Afghanistan rather then to retaliate against them for the attack. Because the US invaded, women were no longer imprisoned in their homes and scared Women portrayed as helpless and needed white men to save them Middle eastern women exercise a great deal of agency within a constraint of the patriarchy system WHY FOCUS ON FAMILY Hard to understand the society and women without understanding the family KEY CONCEPTS IN THE SOCIOLOGY OF FAMILY Family refers to an intimate domestic group made up of people related to one another by bonds of blood, sexual mating, or legal ties Functions of the family a. Every family has rules and regulations placed on sexual relations but this had diminished from some societies because of birth control b. Reproduction c. Socialization of children: language, value, norms, beliefs d. Providing for the physical needs for the youngest and oldest members of the society Household refers to one or more individuals who occupy the same dwelling Can consist of one or more families, a single person or brothers and sisters Nuclear/conjugal family is what we imagine when we say family: parents and children Extended family is one which a nuclear family and their relatives live under the same roof a. Joint extended family: multiple generations living together b. Stem family: siblings and their nuclear family living together Patrilineal kinship refers to the tracing of kinship through the male line Patrilocal residence refers to the practice of establishing residence in the household of the husbands father upon marriage Sex refers to biological differences between males and females Sex roles refers to the behaviour, attitudes, and motivations that a particular culture considers appropriate for males and females Gender refers to th
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