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Rania Salem

DENIZ KANDIYOTI: BARGAINING WITH PATRIARCHY Classic patriarchy structures social relations and determines the nature of gender ideology across the patriarchal belt The patrilineal-patrilocal complex is key to the functioning of the patriarchal bargain Contrasts sub-SaharanAfrican and the belt of classic patriarchy (Asia to middle east) The wives are at the bottom of the SES of the family Patrilineal and patrilocal is the heart of patriarchy Powerlessness of the bride upon marriage and her subordination to males and female elders The new wife lacks property, economic resources and is young makes disempowers her They don’t inherit property from their parents and they don’t push for this either because this would antagonize their brothers (if dad dies, and you insist on taking some land, then your brothers will get less) and they will need to rely on their brothers incase of a divorce They only have to offer her labour and her fertility These are the only things that hold value It is especially important for the wives to bear sons because this will contribute to the patrilinear system and they will also provide the women with old age security; they are responsible for taking care of their parents (daughters don’t have this responsibility) Also, if she becomes a mother-in-law then she can control the labour of the sons wife Because of this, they agree to the patriarchal rule because there are benefits in the long run that will pay off Women themselves internalize patriarchal norms because it provides them with eventual power and status Women achieve their personal goals through interpersonal strategizing They do not rebel and they ‘play the system’: manipulate the emotions of their husbands and sons to get what they want They will get a small sense of control because there Is a sexual division of labour Control the money, and the chores, and the farming They direct the younger women THE PATRIARCHAL BARGAIN Women give submissiveness; they get physical protection, economic security, and social respectability In time tey also get authority over other women and younger men They also get to wield direct power over certain spheres of activity such as domestic chores and subsistence work They are not always passive members of patriarchal system They seize opportunities and look for transactions from which they can gain benefits ABRIEF HISTORY OF PALESTINEAND ISREAL It was initially called Palestine Before WW1 it was part of the ottoman empire and it was divided up into different provinces Majority of people was muslim followed by Christians and jews In 19 century jews and Palestinians began to develop national consciousness Because jews were spread out around the world, they looked for a place where they could come together and Palestine seemed like the place 1882; jews started to immigrate to Palestine which was under ottoman control End of WW1; Britain takes Palestine and rules it Tensions between Jews and Palestinians Arabs Hitler; more Jews left Europe and came to Palestine Palestinians opposed this because it was their land that
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