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Rania Salem

MOROCCO Colonial domination by France and Spain from mid 1800’s Independence gained in 1956 SADIQI: HISTORICAL ROOTS OF MOROCCAN FEMINISM Early feminists participated in moroccos independence movement (from france) Moroccos first feminist organization, “sisters of purity”, was part of the independence party Their first public gesture in 1946 was to issue demands To abolish polygamy Increase public visibility MALEAND FEMALE FEMINISM Female feminist priorities Womens empowerment will improve womens lives Focused on individual lives of women Male feminist priorities Womens disempowerment tarnished Moroccos/ Islams image Womens empowerment is a token of a modern society Womens education and employment will foster social and economic development Interested in women because educated women would make better mothers…they were interested in womens sake per se but because they would be better wives for men who could liberate the country from colonial rule Employment was beneficial to the economy and not individual women themselves They prioritize state and society THE MOROCCAN FAMILY LAW Based on the Maliki school of shari’a law Codified in 1957 immediately following independence Contained discriminatory provisions such as.. Allowing fathers to force marriage upon daughters Women require guardians presence to contract marriage Women cannot initiate divorce Polygamy allowed for men Husbands as ultimate authorities over wives LIBERAL FEMINISM VS ISLAMIST FEMINISTS Liberal… Represented by professional and middle/upper class women and their male allies Emphasized cultural and spiritual elements of Islam rather then legal and political elements Islamists… Represented by conservative islamists political figures, male and females Less privileged support base Emphasizes legal and political aspects of islam Integrated women into judicial, religious, and political positions Modernizing projects in the islam world wanted to achieve power and status that the west had Encourages development according to European model This controlled women minds and body by imposing new obligations and duties Example: Women
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