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Rania Salem

RECAP OF TUCKER Macro level forces that spurred micro level change Monetization of the economy One cash payment was disadvantaged for upper class brides because it wasn’t enough to cover her needs less migration made the class structure more stable status competition lessened and brides dowers decreased in value less people trying to compete for status brides dowers decreased in value because it was one way in which families demonstrated their status to the family; more expensive=more status less competition = less expensive items CLASS VARIATIONS IN MARRIAGE PRACTICES IN 20 TH CENTURY In the 1930s the value of the deferred dower began to grow in urban areas If women were producers they would be able to generate own income and wouldn’t need deferred dower; but women were consumers and became more dependent on the deferred dower as economic insurance In the 1950’s the practice of recording household goods began among urban lower middle classes Offset the disappearance of the mahr and recorded the financial obligation of the groom It means that the wife can claim these household goods if they divorced or if groom died Trend away from giving productive cash to giving consumptive goods at marriage Consumption becoming more important In the 1960’s urban professionals introduced the token/prompt dower Token dower: small and symbolic sum of money instead of the large sums previously recorded Women saw this as modernity By accepting this, the bride’s father was accepting the fact that he would provide the bride with the goods for the marriage And the grooms family would reciprocate by giving bride jewelry etc MARRIAGE PRATICES IN THE 20 THCENTURT PALESTINE Has women’s loss of control over dower property been offset by other advantages? Women have gained more influence over the choice of spouse The ownership of productive property came with a heavy workload, little control over their own labour, and low SES for rural women But rural women have become more dependent on husbands as providers THE ROLE OF ISLAMACCORDING TO TUCKERAND MOORS Islam dictates that there be a dower, which under certain conditions, is empowering to women It gave them something to enter the marriage with If divorce or death of husband…women would have something Rural/urban residence and class position were more important then islam in determining… Whether women married young (upper class more likely) Whether they has input into the choice of input (upper class) And whether they could divorce (upper) Patriarchal control over female sexuality is not invariant It varies with where you live, ur SES and with time INTERSECTIONALIT THROUGH THE LENS ON PALESTINIAN MARRIAGE PRACTICES Tucker points out that upper class women faced certain restrictions because of their class positions Moors points out that rural women experienced some advantages because of economic and social change Both agree that women’s experiences are shaped by their social location The notion of intersecting sources of oppression was introduced by feminists of color in the 1960s Race, class and ethnicity shape the degree and intensity of social disadvantage experience women Upper class women benefited from the lower class because they used them Intersectionality= the study of interaction between multiple sources of disadvantage and discrimination among disenfranchised social groups Women are disadvantages because they are women but because of their race, class and other things Variation in marriage practices vary according to social class shows… Arabs cannot be essentialized as having homogenous attributes Culture is not all power-ful, but rather it interacts with structur
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