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Rania Salem

TRENDS INARAB FERTILITY OVER TIME Birth rates inArab world has be declining In Europe and America: Decline in mortality, improvement in biomedical services and improvement in infrastructure and sanitation As a result, the demographic transition begins in the developing world in 1950 Why is there I link between declining death rate and birth rate: in the past women had many children and more likely to die from this, so people compensated high birth rate by having more children but as death rates decline, people did not have a reason to have more kids Also more contraceptives Cultural and norm factors that caused people to aspire to have fewer children They had a faster case of declining birth rates then did Europe ONE DEMOGRAPHIC TRANSITION OR MANY DEMOGRAPHIC TRANSITIONS? Although the developing countries followed the west in moving from high to low fertility, the timing of the start of the demographic transition and its pace were different everywhere Contrary to orientalist myths, the arab countries are not resistant to change and have undergone a transition And arab countries are not a homogeneous block and they follow different fertility patterns Not all of the non western countries are all the same CLASSIC PATRIARCHY RISKS What happens when people don’t follow the classic patriarchy system… Men: a. poor mens inability to be breadwinners may lead to stress, demoralization, domestic violence, substance abuse.. b. infertile mens inability to reproduce may lead to feelings of emasculation with the same results women a. Singlehood, widowhood and divorce leave women economically and socially vulnerable b. Infertile women and women who do not bear sons face the risk of lacking economic and social support in their old age c. Infertile women may experience feelings of inadequacy and real threats of their marriages DEFINING WOMENS PATRIARCHIAL RISK The likelihood of abrupt declines in womens economic welfare and social status should t
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