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Rania Salem

AGINGAND THE ELDERLY: OLMSTED QUIZ QUESTION 1 Olmsted contends that the P gender and family order in the middle east has been more resistant to change then that in other world regions She gives one cultural and one economic reasons for the resilience of the P contract in the middle east…name these reasons a. Cultural: mothers have an incentive to forge strong emotional bonds with their sons to ensure their support in old age b. Economic: male migration to the oil states supported a gendered division of labour because men earned enough for women to be able to stay out of employment MIGRATIONAND PATRIARCHY: OLMSTED Modernization  rural to urban migration Oil boom  international migration to the oil-rich states Although migration strengthens the P family, it also weakens it in theArab world.. When young people move to cities, the extended family is weakened When men migrate for employment, the women left behind take on new non-patriarchal roles PATRIARCHYAND THE ELDERY: OLMSTED What does this weakening of the P (extended) familyAND higher unemployment mean for the elderly? As P weakens, their economic resources are less secure…have less claim to family resources such as dower and inheritance Older people may be less likely to live with children, making them more economically vulnerable Elderly women may exercise less control over the choice and labor of their daughter in laws Older people may be at greater risk of abuse AGINGAND THE ELDERY: YOUNTAND SIBAI QUIZ QUESTION 1 Give three reasons whyArab women more likely to be unmarried then men in old age Womens life expectancies are older then men therefore outlive them There is also a big age gap between the husbands and wives…widows Arab women are less likely to be married YOUNTAND SIBAI QUIZ QUESTION 2 Name two of the reasons the authors give for why elderlyArab women require more care and support then men a. Womens marital histories: women more likely to be widowed b. Womens economic roles and health status: women inherit less, seldom work after marriage and live longer with disability but they might be at an advantage because their children give more support then for their fathers because of the emotional bonds which makes them feel an obligation to take care of their mothers women also provide more family services for their children which creates reciprocal bonds
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