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Lecture 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Shirin Montazer

SOCB06H3 FLecture 1 September 23 2010 Shirin Montazershirinmontazerutorontoca TA Melsisa Moyer Office Hours mon 1130100 pm Rm B566 Stages of Social Research 1 Research Question Do immigrants have different rates of mental health problems than native born Canadians 2 Hypothesis Immigrants will have better mental health than the native born 3 Develop Instrument to Test Hypothesis ie Experiment survey 4 Collect Date surveys ways of getting data 5 Analyze learn to analyze data whether statistical data is quantitative or qualitative 6 Interpret the results and share findings on average immigrants to Toronto have better mental health than the native born Canadians Why Test HypothesesLogical common sense assumptions may lead to misconceptions and misunderstandingsEg What is the effect of divorce o Not all divorce leads to depression but can make a person happierExperiment Experiment type of research where the researcher manipulates one or more independent variables o EXPERIMENTAL or TREATMENT GROUP group that is manipulated o CONTROL GROUP group that is not manipulatedLimitation to experimentation is that it is not real life The SurveryRetrospective research remembering the pastQuestionnaires and interviewsBenefits o Cost effective ability to generalize investigate numerous independent variablesLimitations o Do not know cause and effect which variable came first Content AnalysisDescribe content of previously produced messagesStudy books pictures magazines etcBenefits o May be the only method availableLimitations o Time consuming tedious
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