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Ann Mullen

SOCB06Lecture 2Monday September 20 2010Frequency distribution Raw data is often difficult to synthesize FrequencyFrequency distribution of Nominal DataComparing DistributionComparisons clarify and add info Same number of men and women compare n say that the number is the same for both sexes Problem occurs when the number is unequal When distribution is being compared and are equal in size The frequency data can be used when equal When unequal size The frequency data cant be used to make compatisons bw groupsTwo popular methods are Proportionof cases compared to the total size pf distribution Percentage the frequency per 100 casesMost preferto show in relative size Standardize frwq for size 2methods proportion number of cases compared to the total size of distrubution formulas given in the textbook distribution of ordinal and interval data nominal distribution can be listed in any order ordinal and interval level must be in sequence order what abt interbal level data Oneway commuting distances for miles for 60 workers in downtown Dallas Frequency table Interval count 15 grouped frequency distribution 15 6 guidelines for constructing class intervals categories must be mutally exclusive cant overlap15 610 1115NOT 15 510 1015 designed to reveal or emphasize patterns possible to have tto few or too many groupblurs the data whole numbers preferable to decimals another way of constructing frequency distribution the following are the steps of constructing a frequency distribution 1 specify theof class intervals 2 when all intervals are to be the same width the following rule may be used to find the required class inteeval width
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