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Lecture 3

Week 3 Lecture

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Ann Mullen

Week 3 Lecture David Sadker, Part 1 Briefing on STEM Education: Today, half of students in graduate school are female o Is this a problem? Yes There has been progress over the years Males perform worse than females on tests Attention to gender females have become majority Women who have a college degree earn slightly more than men with high school degree, whereas women from highly selective colleges earn the same as men big economic gap Males are gendered, males are stereotyped earlier and more harshly Males attend fewer classes, take fewer notes in class, study less, play more, low effortgrades We need to separate boys and girls in schools Main points of the book: Gendered curriculum, gendered research When they first started their research, they did observations in hundreds of classrooms and watched gender dynamics in classrooms What they found in elementary and middle schools are that boys are controlling the classrooms, asking and answering more questions, getting more attention from the teachers, boys will call out answers while girls dont Girls will get better grades and get punished less, but dont get instructional lessons Boys will blurt out an answer even though its not trueright, whereas girls will pause and think about the answer Boys are much likely to raise their hands up high, whereas girls raise their hands half way and pause and think Teachers are more
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