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Lecture 4

Week 4 Lecture

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Ann Mullen

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Sadker: Boys are more likely to raise their hand, be aggressive, and competitivegirls no longer bother to raise their hand Boys would swear and would receive a harsher punishment, whereas girls would just receive a lighter punishment Girls would avoid getting in trouble, whereas boys though getting in trouble was being a man and less of a deal Girls getting the right answer is more serious to them, whereas boys find it fun Boys are getting more harsher punishment Observations in differences in different schools: in China school, English and Chinese teachers were female, but physics and math teachers were males o Teachers were prioritizing the weaker students (girls in physics and math classes, and boys in English and Chinese classes) o Whereas in North America, teachers prioritize students who were loud and aggressive We could find different dynamics in different countries In Middle East, teachers were trying to teach equally Boys who were speaking ESL were not being treated the same way as female counterparts Girls were getting better marks overall, but boys were both getting the higher and lower marks During recess, boys got to play on the fields while girls stayed on the ground Boys were forced to play soccer while girls are allowed to sit out if they dont feel like playing, would push boys further to enhance their sports skills Girls dont want to get dirty or muddy by playing on the wet grass, but its fine for the boys to play on the grass
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