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Lecture 5

Week 5 Lecture

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ann Mullen

There are two main ways how people talk about gender: based on biologicalessentialinnate differences (thats how boys and girls are) and socialization (girls are raised that way because of family socialization) How common it is for people to read gender differences: we focus on differences o Differences on socioeconomic status are much greater than on gender, but we still focus on gender differences Adler et al. article: popularity of boys and girls in schools Socialization argument Emphasis is how schools themselves contribute to boys and girls achievements, images in textbooks, how recesses differ Curriculum and adults in schools shape gender Article talks about how children themselves are creating gender, and how and why it happens The peer culture = the culture that is created among peers Explored the role of popularity = what are the factors that make kids being popular and differences that contribute to making boys popular and girls popular? Their research method: a whole range of roles of observation (supervisor, friend, parent, etc), which allowed them different levels of interaction with kids in different situations Question: what are the factors that influence kids being popular in schools? There are different factors for boys and girls Boys o Athletic ability, fight, boys get more and harsher punishment o One of the ways they show power is to fight and win those fights to gain popularity o Fighting is part of demonstrating or achieving popularity amongst boys o Coolness = wearing certain types of clothes or nice shoes in order to achieve pop
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