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Lecture 2

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Dan Silver

SOCC40 LECTURE 2 LIFE -he was the guy who wanted to have a theory of everything -he also wanted to devise a theory of evolution --> he is one of the last grand theorists of sociology -there aren't many grand theorists of sociology but it usually ends in epic failure -right before he died, he went from most powerful being in sociology to forgotten - interesting fact -he is still used in sociology because almost everything in sociology stems from one of his theory- they are either expanded, critiqued .. -graduated from university, went on to study in university with max weber's brother then went to harvard -first major book was published in 1937- "structure of social fact" -he went on to translate most of weber's work +from there became a celebrity -had a personal crisis in the middle of his life- many of his family died at the same time- went into psycho-analysis -went on and learned about it and then tried to introduce it (especially freud theory) into his sociology -in the 60's starting to come under attack -after that became an exile in sociology -he described himself as the "incurable theorist"- thought everyone was one -thought people interpret everything from theory and if that the case he believed people should be explicit with them -he believed to study humans beings you had to study them as actors + to understand it as an action +need a vocabulary to formulate that framework -thought in moderation--> cant think of humans a gods or as rocks \ ACTION FRAME OF REFERENCE what is a frame? = WHAT -think of a window- key aspect is that a window that we look into selects only some part of the world for us to look at + thats what scientific theory does looks at some part of world to study reference? = HOW -think of the colour of the window, ex- looking for a blue colours window certain parts are, more easier for you to see certain thing  so frame is what your looking at while reference is how your looking at it -RESIDUAL FRAME OF REFERENCE- are the things that fall out of the piont of reference that is being used ex. action would be the residual category if your were looking out the window from a biological frame of reference THE UNIT ACT 1.CONDITIONS -what does an act consist of? +first thing are the condition of which we act -any action we do there are things in the world that will restrict us ex. flying around the world- cant because of the law of gravity -if there were no condition we would be Gods -when thinking of action we have to understand there are conditions- these are things we can't do anything about 2. MEAN -these are the elements of situation that provide us with tools that help us to realize out goals ex. be king of the universe- to bad no actual means of me to become means of the universe- there is no route so there is no mean, it is just a fantasy - if there is a route than it is not a fantasy, your act turns in a possibility 3. GOALS -you have to have a goal that your reaching -if you have no purpose you are not acting 4.NORMS - we always have to choose which act to take -which actions are best ex. we may have a norm which action is best - if your norm is to be healthy -there are not goals per say but tell you how to choose certain actions 5.EFFORT -actions don't exist if we are not excurting some type of energy -ex want to be an astronaut but spend our time watching TV, we are not pursuing this goal +how he comes up with these 5 elements of actions is by illustrating that if you only have one and not the rest, actions will not work because we will be falling out of the theoretical framework of what an action is A. CONDITIONS CANT BE LOOKED AT ALONE BECAUSE IT comes from the notion of POSITIVISM -is a way of explaining why people do things -way of explaining while making reference to background conditions + heredity and the environment ex. if you hit people- environment--> grew up in environment where it was ok to hit people -heredity--> in your genes + therefore it is never your fault but he argues that people are works therefore this falls outside of his theory B. MEANS/GOALS CANT BE LOOKED AT ALONE BECAUSE
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