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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Dan Silver

SOCC40 Lecture 6 MIDTERM • 5 identification quote ques • Definitions -core concept; say what it means, why it is important and significant, and illustrate it with an example • Short essay; comparative ques -if there is 2 one will be multiple options either on Parsons or Burton; second ques will be comparative -most likely will only be one comparative ques FINISH MANIFEST AND LATENT FUNCTIONS ROLE SETS SOCIAL STRUCTURE+ANOMIE SELF-FULFULLING PROPHECY SCIENCE AS A SOCIAL INSTITUTION MANIFEST AND LATENT FUNCTIONS • Manifest function; what people have in their minds what the purpose of something is -purpose of education; to give people equal access to education • Latent function; what it actually does • Helps you understand irrational behavior • Helps facilitate sociological behavior -Increases knowledge • Manifest functions are already known; what people think they are doing; just ask them why they are doing something- commonly known • Latent functions are not obvious; about what people don’t know what they are doing -if you look for latent functions you are more likely to increase knowledge; likely to find out things you wouldn’t find out otherwise -Avoids Moralizing • Into sociological research • When you are doing sociology, in the process of your research you want to separate your morals- to provide an objective understanding of sociology • With manifest functions it is hard to do that -example Merton gives is of the political machine; political machine is phenomenon that occurs over and over again in big cities; happens when you have a lot of new immigrants in city that doesn’t have a lot of social services for those people- but new immigrants get to vote; people discovered in early 20 century that as new immigrants there are a lot of them and if they vote for same person they will be in charge of the city- ethnic block voting; you will get job, help others get job and there will be cycle of this +to moralizing people, that equals corruption because people are taking bribes for votes +but if you examine latent function, you will see it is integrating people into new society ROLE SETS • one more example of Merton showing key part of middle range theorizing; laying out simply idea and showing you how generative it can be • Merton thought that studying role sets gets to purely sociological analysis • How does one person deal with all the roles you have to go through in your life? • Merton says start with one role (Merton called role status- what you are supposed to do within status is whole- student is status, role is learning stuff) -student; idea is that any status, whoever is in that role has a bunch of other roles that you have to deal with (role sets); such as professors, other students, administration, dean, future employers, parents +all of this occurs regardless of the person in the role +point is it’s a package; whoever is in that role has to deal with all of that simultaneously +have to deal with conflicting demands no matter who you are; different roles in your role sets will have different expectations of you; you will be cross-pressured across the different roles • Merton’s main question; what conditions function to make this bearable, livable, and less-tension filled for whoever is in that role? 1. Not everybody cares equally -whatever conflicts are built into the role sets don’t hit you in the same way- don’t take all of them seriously 2. Power differentials -all want you to do things but can’t exert influence equally on you -what professors think is important to you because they can give you bad grades -if your councilors doesn’t like what you are doing there isn’t much they can do about it 3. Observability -most role sets are not actual able to watch what you are doing over much of your life -when you have multiple members of a role set, where people have different access to your life, you can juggle the demands 4. Tertius Gaudens; third wheel gets the joy; how you can play two people off each other to benefit you -since everyone in the role sets don’t know what the other wants, or don’t deal with one another; they just deal with you -which means that each role makes their case about what they want to you but not to the other roles -puts you in the best wstrategic position; wiggle room you have because you know more than they do 5. Mutual support -can get together with other students and make a student association -then you can have official standing against other role sets; states ahead of time what professors can ask students to do 6. Cutting -if demands are too much, you can just cut them out of your life SOCIAL STRUCTURE+ ANOMIE • Deviance; why do some people fail to conform to norms? Cultural Goals and Institutional Norms (Legitimate means) • Goals are whatever are worth achieving in a group or society- what’s worth striving for • Institutional norms/ legitimate means; what’s not okay or what’s okay in achieving that goal • -goals and norms don’t have to line up; can vary +can have major emphasis on goals and downplay means; in hockey, score no matter what +can have means be more important than goals; in hockey, showing good sportsmanship and not caring about women • Things typically work okay in what you are doing if you get a good equ
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