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MEAD 110409 1216 PM 1 IntroductionSymbolic Interactionism Sociological Paradigm Simmel was a symbolic integrationist and a friend of Weber who contributed to SIMead was an American and contributed with SI it is based on American civilization such as the freedom to choose your own destiny in lifeo Meads Father was a congressional officer a friend of Protestantism The movement Puritanism is congressionalist in parto Mead was born in Massacusetts he went to Oberlin University founded in 1833 Oberlin University was a stopover for the underground railroado He is known as a progressive itis an old world for describing liberal left wingEugenic movement believed that poor people were innately inferior to wealthy people They had a mental handicap Eugenic people were involved in various kinds of racism although they didnt term that in those days The progressive movement was also responsive to the Eugenic movement Mead had to drop out of Oberlin financial problems and reenrolled and studied under the great William James James took Mead under his wing and sponsored him which may explain why Mead won a scholarship and went to Germany while he was in Germany he got influenced by Simmel When he came back to the states he taught in the University of Chicago and taught symbolic interactionismo Park and BurgesMead is a Philosopher as well as a sociologist The self cannot develop without society and society cannot exist without individual The individual creates a class and you cannot havea class without the individual The individual creates groups and social structureso The relationship between individuals and society is dialectical an interactionthis is also called mutual interdependenceo The individual makes society possible ad the individual cannot develop without societyo For example Isolated children do not develop or possess human characteristics2 Society a Taking the Role of Othersociety depends on mutual role taking or taking the role of Otherb The Social ActWhen an individual because of individual actionsthese actions serve as a stimulus by a way of response of another individual AB ex A interacts with B A acts as a stimulus for B There is mutual adjustment What makes human interaction possible what is the foundation for it Human interaction makes cooperative behaviour possible Cooperation cannot be preplanned or preprogrammed that is why it is never good to over prepare for anything because something always appearso Cooperation requires continues adjustment between ego and alter A and BSocial act demands that individuals project themselves mentally into the positions of those people they are interacting with Ex You imagine how this person will respond to what I say internal dialogueMake predictions of how people will react Cooley he proposes the looking class self The ego looking into a mirror a looking glass This is the way Cooley describes what Mead is talking about the Social Act When you interact with people you get a reflection of yourself maybe an inaccurate reflection but it is a reflection nonethelessEx People yawning when you talka yawn is indifferencec SelfCriticism need this part I try to imagine the reaction ahead of time before approachingo Try to imagine the action of a group and generalized other society o When we try to imagine the responses of other when we try to empathize putting myself in your position we as humans do this effectively Empathy takes into consideration all human possibilitiesSociopaths cannot empathize they cannot take the role of other when interacting That is why when people who do mass shooting Arizona shooting for example they dont feel sorry Some people suggest this can be a biological source or even a flaw in socialization parents are nonempathic and teach you to believe in a similar waySelfCriticismshow your behaviour becomes objects which then is used to analyze Eg Mckinnons overpreparedness becomes an object which is used to analyze so next time there is a better line of actiond CommunicationCommunication is a precondition for selfcriticism taking the role of other and empathy from linguistic communicationo Society emergent we as individuals are emergent o For the most part mutual adjustment produces this fluxo Historical Social change human journey over thousand of years and social development represents an expansion of consciousness a generalized other expandsEx Clans 25 people of Hunter Gatherers this small social world they are a part of Tribes and Confederation of Tribese Individualitythe development of the individual and society go togethermost people talk about larger societies crushing individuals As societies grow larger as the generalized other expands people can draw on other rolesyou can expand role takingf The FamilyMead says that the family is what produced encompassing social forms Clan tribe and states are extension of the family direct extensionso FamilyClanTribenationGlobe indirect o When he was in Europe he was influenced by Durkheim as wellAs society develops it becomes functionally interdependent an increase of specialization where the division of labour increases The mutual dependence relying on people for survival because we are over specialized increases Things fall apartif things fall a part who is likely to survive People in less developed societies because they are more independent they can grow their own food make their own clothesrather people in developed societies are too dependant on other people to meet their needs This is functional interdependencesThere is a price to pay for mutual dependence we are not prepared for shock eventsg Economics and ReligionEconomics has yielded more and more social interaction economic has forced people to take the role of others who might otherwise be strangers
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