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Lecture 5

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Clayton Childress

SOCC44 Media and Society Lecture 5 7 October 2013 Midterm Mostly MC, similar to pop quiz True and False and one Narrative question The Business - talked about how people aren’t filming in Hollywood anymore because of incentives - why is it that the more money the less freedom - they are less likely to do things that aren’t popular with audience, so they stick to what they are doing - They more money studio invests the more they want to be involved - They want to make sure that things aren’t going wrong so producers feel like they don’t have that much freedom. - The more money someone invest in you the more they want to be involved. - In terms of the novel idea, some people are hedge hogs and they are only really good at one thing, Blum we will say is a hedge hog, he has this one good idea and he kinds of just does it over and over again. Eminem is like a hedge hog, like saying mean things over and over again - And some people are foxes, they have much more variety in their careers, like George Clooney, he was an actor in tv sitcoms then he did acting in movies, then he did directing. - Plum just has this good idea and is living off this idea, he is just going to make sequels for the rest of his life Becke: Art As Collective Action - artists are alone geniuses - What is a piece of art an expression of the artists soul - Post structural literary theory makes the same argument, true art is the expression of an artists soul and the art comes from their mind - While the economist say you know how we know who an artist is, who is the copyright assigned to. - Most big budgeted movie has several screen writers, it has been written by 7- 9 people. It is so rare that it is an individual work - There are so many people who don’t get credited. - In television, there is a staff that does all the writing, and the take turns for their credit - For other shows like mad men, and sopranos, everyone will write the show, and the director would get the credit - While in Breaking Bad, Vince is constantly giving credit to other people - What is Beckers argument about art world and how it works. He calls them convention, that everyone borrows from each other, and the take ideas tha tis why they are so similar to each other. You cannot create art without an industry or support personal, they need to promote and encourage your product. There cannot be painters without people who make paint. - Imagine if you were making a movie and there is no convention, and you had to organize people 50 people who has never made a movie before, this would be total chaos. In publishing company there are a bunch of symbols to describe what you mean, and these symbols wouldnt make sense to other people. Becker argues innovations, if you want to go alone you need to be innovative. - Why is innovation hard in these industries, why is it unlikely? There are a bunch of people with their own goals and they are relying on conventions. - There was an idea that they wanted to make music using different instruments, but then they have to make new instruments and teach people how to play them, but to play instruments there are conventions. - Path dependence, something happens and you get stuck like that. Classic example, if you have ever been to Europe, the electric sockets are weird looking and you need a converter. In North America they look normal, but Europeans think it is weird. What is the reason for this, it just happened, and the reason is that it happened so long ago that it didn’t matter if they were different because they didn’t travel before. And now this will never change, we are just stuck because it is too costly to change it. The same things can happen with instrument. It is a good idea to have so many people working on screenplays, maybe not, but it Is really hard to break away from these norms. It is really hard to be innovative because of all these conventions. - Becker argues that you only see convention with improvism. Becker has realized that he had fallen asleep in a jazz performance, but what he realized is that he kept playing, this is because thte music is so repetitive. In improve there is already a rule, that you need to never say no, the answer to everything is yes, improvisation doesn’t work if you say no. The second rule is you have to say yes and then something else. To break all the rules you need to have tons of rules in place Music as Collective Action - writers, he wanted the yeah yeah yeah sot come play, and they had a bunch of things they need The Most Famous Rider in History - Van Halen wanted to brown M&M’s. - Was the first bands that used firework displays - Whos doing this though is his support personel, peole who he has never met - But what he wants to know is that are these people paying attention to detail. - If these people aren’t paying attention to fine detail, then it is not safe for him to go on stage. Is Art Getting Worse? - how does the industry work - we should look historically - There is a common belief that the old stuff was so good and the new stuff is just trash. - Stuff from the last year, the awareness is really high. But can you name any contemporaries of the Beatles? - When you say that stuff used to be so good in the past, you are being selective to the stuff in the past that people still talk about.
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