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Lecture 6

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Clayton Childress

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Society and Media SOCC44 Lecture 6 21 October, 2013 The Midterm All readings, Podcasts and Lectures 45 Questions 30 MC 10 Fill in Blank 4 Short Answer 1 Long Answer Terms Concepts and Ideas, and things we talked about A Worm’s Eye View The Business - The Power Lunch: Pleasure and Obligation. Status plays a huge deal in this type of lunch. How can you tell whose high status and who’s not. The low status is facing the wall. The lowest status person travels further. The person with the higher status pays, or the person who has something to gain. - The same things is in Gimme The Loot, he had problems getting funding for the movie because no one knew who he was. Status Hierarchies and Hollywood One Sheets - Why is status so important, there is a social component to it, if you are with someone, someone else wants to be with you. In addition if you cant stand out, you wont get hired, because there is limited spots at the top. No one knows whats good or not but in that condition of uncertainty is that you need to legitimize what you are doing by attaching yourself to people who have reputation. Imagine if everyone in the room was a screen writer, and all of them are pretty good, how do you make the decision you think about who is the director that is attached to the screenplay. Because then you think not only is it a good screenplay but it is attached to a good writer. There is no way of identifying how good a song is, it is totally subjective, and people have to deal with subjectivity all the time so they use other signals to make them make decisions - If you are a big star your agent negotiates so your name can be above the title of the movie. - As actors they need to signal people that they are the ones that have to travel far and have his back to the wall. First Position Or, Why the Star is Always on the Left - The biggest star is generally on the left because they want the stars to be under their name and the hierarchy works from left to right because people read from left to right. - Within the industry it is like hierarchy, that’s how things are sorted out Big Name Small Role - What do you do when you have a big actor and they are in a small role - That is what the AND is for. What do you have when Beyonce and Jamie Fox and Eddie Murphy is in a movie, but Eddie doesn’t have a big role. The agent states that they want the AND role. The Alphabetical order coverage of ensembles - What do you do when you have a whole bunch of stars in the movie - You have to signal and you have to put it in alphabetical order, to state that it doesn’t matter because you can create a hierarchy. - But then on the poster, John Cheadle couldn’t go on the poster, because they didn’t want to put him infront of George Clooney Stairs: A graphic deigns, nightmare, a status necessity - They place the name in stair format, even if the put someone last on the poster, they would put the name a little higher up just to show that they are still famous - The financial future depends on this, and your career - What is so great about being in first position. If you are making a movie that Bruce Willis might be in, and there are several actors like him. Bruce Willis will want that script, because he wants to make the decision of what movie he is in. - Daniel D Lewis, wants to make the decisions, he doesn’t want to be offered a movie that Leonardo D’Caprio didn’t want. A Complicated Version of Freedom - People tend to think that working in Hollywood is Glamour. But it isn’t that glamourous. - There is a lot of status and prestige but there is a lot of trade off. - They talked about that pay was really low, the hours were really long. - Being in a union is kind of pointless because the studio don’t care, and will just find someone else to replace you. - The union is trying to negotiate for more money for over time, but not a lot of people are even in a union. - People want to get a foot in the industry and end up working for free. - How do people afford to work for free for 6 months, these are people who are wealthy and have support from their family. People tend to hire people based on personal connections, because there is no way to tell how good you are. - Socializing and Networking, individuals become isolated and alienated. You cant turn down pub nights, because part of the work is socialization, and they tend to talk about work. The Unglamorous, Punishing Hours of Working on a Hollywood Set - He is advocating for a new rule, the 12 to 12 rule. That people need to get 12 hours off before they have to go back to work. - They don’t want to do this. People in overtime don’t want to do this because they make extra money with this. - There are bad conditions with the long hours, however no one wants to change it. - The 10 000 hour rule is that you need to do something for this long in order to be good at it. Sandpile of Opportunity - she followed artists to find out what is the path to success - How can we predict who is going to be successful in 10 years - She looked at artists and found two things - Pe
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