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Ivanka Knezevic

Slide one Mass media: older definition, came from older forms of broadcasting, one centre distributing contect to large anonymous audience communication is one way, they have control over what content is sent out mass audience: very large, the centre of communication doesnt have a large amount of info about the audience; they dont know who is going to read and who is going to watch, they have to imagine what will appeal to the largest amount of people marketing research and imitate content that has been successful in the past the only requirement to called something mass media is that it is used by a large number of people newer ICT has gone two-way instead of one-way so now we have more feedback because the cost has gone down what are the consequences of this two-way media? Media centres can modify content to suit the people it makes audiences become centres and makes much more diverse media content then before audience is now providing mass media content which has 2 benefits: bensures that people are watching the content carefully (if you make people more intrested in the content, then they will pay more attention to the commercials) introduced intro activity tools such as email or nummber where you can provide feedback.Another use of it is that the centres are able to use the feeback to create their own programming elements of mass media communication production-> content -> reception production: how is content actually produced content: new, entertainment and advertising reception: how the audience responds to it; do they like it? Why? Will they pay for it? Point to point communication: email, texting which is considererd parts of mass media communication slide 2 relationship between mass media and society is reciprocal mass media frames social phenomena (choose a certain part of that phenomena and to represent it in the media) eg. The aspect of can focus on hunger, homelessness, food, children etc media also informs the society: most information comes from mass media and is not a first hand experience it creates consencus: society is based on a concensus of values which creates goals and
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