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Ivanka Knezevic

Social influences on news coverage 1. corporate ownership of the media (conflict of corporate interest which is maximazing profit with the purpose of news organization which is to make give information) 2. corporate links (of owners with other corps) if owner of mass media organization has links to other organizations (sit on many governing boards) they can “pull strings” and supress stories that are harmful to any large organization even if they dont have corporate links 3. advertising revenue 4. government policies control journalism by non-disclosure (info for story is not made avalible eg classified) or direct censorship (media pools: groups of journalists that cover particular govt bodies and they decide what information to give to the public through press conferences, and embedded journalists: those who report about event from inside that location, but they are only getting limited sources, and you start to become biased which reflects in your reporting) 5. moral panics by powerful moral entrepreneurs; particular social project is defined as a problem and then it is put into the media as something that needs to be dealt with. People who define these problems are the moral entrepreneurs, and they most likely are a stakeholder who have ideological or structural interest in the definition. Defining it gives them wealth/income, power and prestige, therefore they benefit from it (eg GMO's are
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