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Ivanka Knezevic

Midterm exam 60 mc 75 mins 40% lec 60% readings rhetorical devices of propaganda and persuasion aristotle: rhetoric uses three means of persuasion 1. ethos: credibility; senders reputation, integrity and goodwill 2. pathos: emotional appeal; connotation (highly emotional language), association pathetic: emotionally stressed way out of proportion 3. logos: content: argument and evidence propaanda uses... 1. various rhetoric devices and 2. information management: partial, distorted or inaccurate information, taken out of context, withholding vital information some propagandistic techniques 1. meaninglss association: implicit connections between the topic and objects, persons and/or symbolic values to which it has no real reference these are simple images and slogans that truncate thought by playing on prejudices and emotions shaheen, 2003:Arabs in hollywood films are associatred with wealth, misogyny, sex and terrorism 2. connotation: use of language that evokes (+ve or -ve) emotional associations 3. enthymeme: audience supplies a missing premise of the syllogism; might be the most effective techniques it is bascially an incomplete syllogism (form of reasoning that has greater premise, lesser premise, and the conclusion) eg. Socretes is humans, humans are mortal, therefore socrates is mortal condition: the missing premise is known to and widely accepted by the audience the audience is filling in the last premise by themselves 4. argument by authority: testimonial, quotation 5. figures of speech: simile, metaphor, metonnymy (based on close association), synecdoche, hyperbole Advertising it is (1)paid (2)nonpersonal (3)communication from an (4)identified sponsor using (5)mass media to (6)influence an audience advertising as a social problem.. seen as manipulative and exploitive (making you engage in consumption that you wouldnt regularily engage in...creates in you a need to buy) for this reason, ethical requirement to make audience aware that it is exposd to advertising clear delineation between adversitin and other media content violated by advertorials (ads meant to look like
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