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Ivanka Knezevic

Research paper discourse analysis do something you know about so then you can know the context pick one of the following a. magazine advertising: 2 products for the same audience (cars and food) and find the similiarities and differences in themes (do they concentrate on the same theme) OR compare ads for the same product in 2 kinds of magazines for 2 audiences (car ads in men and womens magazines) b. news framing core of the paper is description and then the analysis (both internal and external) have to do but qualitativeAND quantitative analysis use 5 academic sources BESIDES course readings lecture discourse analysis discourse analysis-definition research technique for gathering and analyzing content of communication content may be linguistic (written or oral), non verbal (dance, gestures, posture, clothing) or visual goal: discover patterns and associations of messages in the content discourse analysis may be... a. quantitative: (it codes and enumerates elements of the content aka units of meaning; list of all the themes and them looking for those themes and counting them) davis on personal ads b. qualitative: (systematic coding without enumeration; finding themes but not counting, discussing unusual themes) goffman on men and women in advertising (posture in ads were meant to convey that men were more powerful and women as subordinate to men) c. combined steps to carry out a discourse analysis 1. define the research problem (set by the assignment) 2. select units of analysis (relevant content; publications that have relavent content) 3. obtain a sample of content 4. operationalize variables and code the content (write down as many characteristics of those ads as you can think of; eg is image dominant over the text? What race are they? What are they doing?) you have to define these characteristics (what is considered active or passive?) make sure that you define codes cleary and apple the same criteria in all cases. Prepare a coding scheme! (eg like the one given in the assignment) coding systems 1. time/space measures: time/space devoted to units allows inference about their importance; this also includes placement 2. abscence/prescence: records appearance of a unit is the main character a male or a female? Powerful or not? 3. Frequency: count appearances; allows inference about importance of the unit caution: assumes that all appearances are of the same importance 4. direction: position of the unit on some evlautive dimension (+ve or -ve, good or bad, supportive or opposing) 5. intensity: apples to attitudes and values as units of meaning, it measures relative intensity/importance in comparison to other units of meaning (always comparing different themes) codin
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