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Ivanka Knezevic

SOCC44H3 Media and Society Fri, Jan 142011 Lecture 01 Mass Media Traditional Definition: Platforms for engaging in identical, one-way communication with a mass audience This definition covers perfectly what is broadcasting, print media, and magazines, not just tv. Can also include point-to-point communication, or person-to-person communication Social networking sites (SNS) Eg: facebook, twitter. Email doesnt count, but chatrooms do The fact that this is one way communication can benefit the sender because it means that the sender has full control over the message theyll send, what the message is etc.. Audience has no control, they cant manipulate the message sent Updated Definition: communication conveyances used by mass users. Communication by tradition forms of mass media was one-way; feedback was limited because it was difficult The senders of mass media never knows who their audience is. They dont know wholl buy their newspapers, wholl tune in to watch or listen to the radio broadcasts The mass media audience cant manipulate the media theyre receiving (its one way) New information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) lower the cost of feedback (eg quick email vs writing a letter). This includes all type of network computer, technology, or communication In the 1990s TV stations noticed that people werent paying attention to their ads, so they wondered why theyre paying so much for their ads...people did other crap during ads To counter-act this, they made ads interactive and allowed feedback The purpose was not to read your feedback, but to make it look like they care...they just wanted you to watch their ads, and this worked to an extent What effect does this have? Increased level of interactivity Free content from the broadcast ICT has changed one way mass media because theyve made feedback easier. Emails save money and time. Email is an interactivity tool Elements of mass media communication: Production -> content -> reception General communication scheme: Sender -> Message -> Receiver (this can reverse)
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