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Thorough notes on Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ivanka Knezevic

SOCC44H3 Media and Society Jan282011 Lecture 03 Effects of ownership concentration of production 1. Direct editorial influence of owners In large companies, owners request to radionewspaper that they want to cover a certain topic or hide certain topic Owners can request to have a story covered on liberals Much more likely in a large company that owns a large number of mass media outlets 2. Influence of advertisers Larger the market, larger the influence advertisers have Steinem (article) His argument is not limited to womens articles 3. Conflict between business criteria (profit) and journalistic ethics (be as objective as you can) In order to maximize the profit, you have to sometimes forgo the rules of journalism ethics Sometimes influence of ownersadvertisers can lead to the exclusion of certain stories Payment to news sources is considered unethical News sources are people who give you content for your news (people you interview for your news story) Normal citizens are interviewed to allow viewers to have people to relate to, even though its not an accurate representation Its a no-no in journalism to pay a news source because the assumption is that if you pay them, you can expect them to say what the journalist wants them to say There are ways to pay your sources but to not do so unethically Ex: Lets say someone has a lead on the royal wedding, (brides best friend)... If the news company owns a book publishing company, they can offer the best friend an opportunity to do a book on the royal wedding How to get an exclusive talk-show guest? 4. Decreased investment in reporting (use of press services and freelancers, decrease in use of correspondents and staff reporters, special correspondents) One of the ways to increase profit is to decrease investment on reporting Instead of assigning each journalist to research their own thing, allowing diversity reflected among the different stories, large companies usually fires half the news room Instead, they will use press services and free lancers Press services are organizations who collect information, then they offer the story they have come up with to other mass media outlets at better prices than it costs a journalist to of the company to do it themselves This decreases diversity in the newspaper cause other companies could have purchased the same thing Freelancers are paid very little so they minimize the time they spend on writing a
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