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Thorough Notes on Lecture 4

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Ivanka Knezevic

SOCC44H3 Media and Society Fri, Feb 042011 Propoganda and Persuasion Social influences on news coverage 1. Corporate ownership of the media (conflict of corporate interest with the purpose of news organization) Stories can be limited because owners have influence over what kinds of stories can be published 2. Corporate link (of owners with other corporations); Coverage of damaging news for other corporations, not just your own, can be limited because of the link that corp has with yours. Protect businesses you have links with, even if it means covering up vital issues (powerplant leakages) 3. Advertising revenue; In North America, advertising is a huge source of income 4. Government policies control journalism by non-disclosure or direct censorship (media pools, embedded journalists); media pools: in most government you need to be embedded into a media pool (you need to gain access to government officials within parliament) Sometimes government provides information directly to media pools only so if youre not in one, you may not be in on the information If you create problems for government, you will not be admitted into a media pool Being accepted into a media pool however, doesnt solve your problems. Government will give you a media release as to how to go about doing your business embedded journalists: as long as there is any war fought around the world (particularly usa), there will be embedded journalists The journalist has to stay within the military unit all the time and can only go where the unit allows you to go, for protection, but this limits your coverage very much This is why you hear so little about civilian casualties Also, your information will be biased to just the US military since youre surrounded by them 5. Moral panics by powerful moral entrepreneurs moral panic: a social process that poses as a social problem powerful moral entrepreneurs have large influence on what social issue is considered a
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