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Lecture 6

Thorough Notes on Lecture 6

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Ivanka Knezevic

SOCC44H Media and Society March 0411 Audience Research: Reception and Interpretation Advertising Advertising is (1) paid (2) non-personal (3) communication from (4) an identified sponsor using (5) mass media to (6) influence an audience It has to be paid. People who participate in it, or transmit it (news stations) are paid to do it Its not directed to you or me personally, but to a large media audience Somebody is transmitting a message to you telling you this product is better than others, or this product will satisfy a certain need Has to be from an identified sponsor (obviously), they want you to know who they are Obviously clairol will tell you that the cosmetics they want you to buy are from clairol Advertising as a social problem for 2 reasons Seen as manipulative and exploitative manipulative: it manipulates peoples opinions into what to buy You are supposed to make your own opinions on what to buy, but advertising interferes with that process and tells you what to do exploitative: its basically trying to tell you to spend your money for the benefit of the advertiser. Not because you genuinely need the latest iphone, but because apple wants your money For this reason, ethical requirement to make audience aware that it is exposed to advertising audience m
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