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Lecture 7

Thorough Notes on Lecture 7

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Ivanka Knezevic

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SOCC44H3 Media and Society Fri, March 112011 Lecture 07 Reception and effects of mass media: Audience interpretationLatent (unintended media effects) Perspectives on mass media reception The hypodermic needle (magic bullet) perspective A circumsized message which enters you consciousness directly, like a hypodermic needle Dominant in the first half of the 20 century Mass media are so powerful they can inject their message: messages are received directly, completely, and with minimal interpretation: received meaning is as sender intended Communication model? Mass media sends the message, we receive it directly and interpret it as the sender intended us to So, this is The Transmission model ...continued The Two Step Flow of Communication perspective Paul Lazarsfeld and Elihu Katz, 1944 If you ever go into any kind of advanced social science statistics class, remember that youre doing what Lazarsfeld came up with Responses to mass media are mediated by social relationships Mediated by their network of family members, friends, colleagues, etc People take in media messages, then turn to opinion leaders (someone to whom people turn to for important decisions because heshe is referred to as smarter) before deciding how to interpret and respond those messages Theyre most likely to follow the opinion of the opinion leader as to how to respond to the mass media message theyre receiving. To accept themto not accept them. Another finding: People do not respond to all messages they receive if you bombard people with a huge number of messages, they simply dont pay attention to all of them Opinion leader will tell people which message to listen to Five Factors influencing media persuasiveness Once they found Hypodermic model was not true, they started doing research as to how to make mass media messages more persuasive. What they found: 1. media source is trusted, prestigious, or liked more expert sources, more prestige Although we try to make rational decisions, sometimes even the prestigious names can have forced news stories 2. A media monopoly
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