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29 Mar 2012

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Quick BIO
-Rick Hansen was born August 26, 1957 in Port Alberni, BC.
-Was a very active child loving to go fishing, camping and play any sport
-age 15, while hitchhiking home at the back of a pickup truck, truck started to skid
and Rick was thrown out of the truck paralyzing him
-being disabled did not destroy Rick’s life. Graduated phys ed from UBC. First person
to graduate phys ed with a disability
http://www.rickhansen.com/code/navigate.aspx?Id=15 1
-as a para athlete rick has won 19 marathons, 6 paralympic medals , competed
internationally in other sports like wheelchair basketball, racquetball, tennis and
volleyball. Award lou marsh award in 1983
http://www.rickhansen.com/code/navigate.aspx?Id=16 2
Inspiration for Tour
-becoming paralyzed made rick see how society saw disabled people, saw injury
before seeing the person
http://www.rickhansen.com/code/navigate.aspx?Id=165 3
-rick would use crutches in school instead of wheelchair, even though wheelchair
much easier because he believed it would heighten the perception of his disability.
http://www.alive.com/6048a15a2.php?text_page=1 4
-march 21, 1985 man in motion world tour, designed to create a world more
accessible and inclusive for all, ended may 22, 1987
-34 countries, 4 continents, over 2 years, more than 2 marathons a day(85km) 8
hours a day, 40,000km in total
http://www.rickhansen.com/code/navigate.aspx?Id=17 5
- caused a profound shift in the collective consciousness toward a belief in the
potential of people with disabilities
-26 million dollars in spinal cord research
-more ramps started being built in Canada because of tour, increased accessibility
and inclusion
-tour ripped down barriers for people with disability
- made everyone think about what we could do to make the world a better place and
sparked a public dialogue that led to new policies, building codes and legislation
aimed at making our communities more accessible and inclusive
http://www.rickhansen.com/code/navigate.aspx?Id=48 6
-Since the Tour, Canada has emerged as a world leader in research, treatment and
quality of life initiatives. The pace of advances here proves that when knowledge and
resources are shared across professional and geographic boundaries
http://www.rickhansen.com/code/navigate.aspx?Id=47 7
-inspired youth to reach for their dreams, disabled or not, make a difference in others
lives and come to terms with their disabilities.
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- Looking back, the greatest impact of the tour was and always will be the human side
of the mission, which was to inspire people as to the potential of people with
disabilities – to cause people to think differently about what was possible for anyone
when barriers are removed, attitudinal or physical,”(quote from Rick Hansen)
motion 9
Rick Hansen Foundation
-established following tour to ensure money raised for tour would have max impact
- has raised 200 million dollars and because of money given to research people today
have better chance of recovery when injured
http://www.rickhansen.com/code/navigate.aspx?Id=48 6
-focus of foundation: find a cure for spinal cord injuries and improve the quality of life
for those with SCI and related disabilities
- cornerstone of the foundation has been to create opportunities for collaboration,
engage people with disabilities in setting priorities, and support the best and
brightest to discover and share new knowledge. This way, those who develop new
treatments and therapies work in close proximity (virtually or in person) with the
researchers and people with disabilities
- By creating specialized school programs, participating in community initiatives and
speaking to young people across Canada, Rick and his team at the Foundation work
to foster a sense of social responsibility, offer tools to develop life skills, and help
young people strive to be the best they can be.
http://www.canadianteachermagazine.com/ctm_life_skills/fall06_rick_hansen.shtml 8
- As head of the Rick Hansen Foundation, he has helped raise awareness of the
potential of people with disabilities, advanced spinal cord research, and established
International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries (ICORD), the largest spinal cord
injury research facility in the world. He has also established an annual Wheels In
Motion event, which has funded more than 500 quality-of-life projects to date.
http://www.alive.com/6048a15a2.php?text_page=1 4
-dealt with injuries all over his upper body and dealt with bad weather like the
Canadian winter (from interview)
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