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th Human, Non-Human : February 28 2011-02-28 N Showing the humans infallibility N Artifacts- can discipline human and replace human behaviour N Modern times- tramps reaction nervous breakdown- tramp represents the figure of human that should not be crushed N Scitentific movies- can creatures like Frankinstine N Knowledge- Latour, Marx- surplus value N Mental asylum- he suggest the cnfienment ppl not confirming to social ideals about productivity( lack employment)... Pinel and Tuke freedom ppl from Monstrous life and gave them treatment N Faucoult last day- why is this monsterous N Marx- machine was like further enslavement N Last day- readingLinvolded history sci and tech catergory of monster changes to N Sign the N Serpeate field of study- and then pathogly N Through the arguement the his of sci of the monsterous- apart of populare elite culture N As sci as it gets discussed- ex: broadsheer ( popular vs elite) N Bringing of various kind of monsterous to the puplic-(primortaly (ancestor) of the zoo) N How a type of publication addresses its audience N Bacon
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