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Quick BIORick Hansen was born August 26 1957 in Port Alberni BCWas a very active child loving to go fishing camping and play any sportage 15 while hitchhiking home at the back ofa pickup truck truck started to skid and Rick was thrown out of the truck paralyzing himbeing disabled did not destroy Ricks life Graduated phys ed from UBC First person to graduate phys ed with a disability httpwwwrickhansencomcodenavigateaspxId151Athleteas a para athlete rick has won 19 marathons 6 paralympic medalscompeted internationally in other sports like wheelchair basketball racquetball tennis and volleyball Award lou marsh award in 1983httpwwwrickhansencomcodenavigateaspxId162Inspiration for Tourbecoming paralyzed made rick see how society saw disabled people saw injury before seeing the personhttpwwwrickhansencomcodenavigateaspxId1653rick would use crutches in school instead of wheelchair eventhough wheelchair much easier because he believed it would heighten the perception of his disabilityhttpwwwalivecom6048a15a2phptextpage14Tourmarch 21 1985 man in motion world tour designed to create a world more accessible and inclusive for all ended may 22 198734 countries 4 continents over 2 years more than 2 marathons a day85km 8 hours a day 40000km in totalhttpwwwrickhansencomcodenavigateaspxId175Outcome caused a profound shift in the collective consciousness toward a belief in the potential of people with disabilities26 million dollars in spinal cord researchmore ramps started being built in Canada because of tour increased accessibility and inclusiontour ripped down barriers for people with disability made everyone think about what we could do to make the world a better place and sparked a public dialogue that led to new policies building codes and legislation aimed at making our communities more accessible and inclusivehttpwwwrickhansencomcodenavigateaspxId486Since the Tour Canada has emerged as a world leader in research treatment and quality of life initiatives The pace of advances here proves that when knowledge and resources are shared across professional and geographic boundarieshttpwwwrickhansencomcodenavigateaspxId47 7inspired youth to reach for their dreams disabled or not make a difference in others lives and come to terms with their disabilities
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