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lecture 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Alejandro Paz

Lecture 4 Discussion of Bruno Latour’s two Articles Are We Slaves? – Why is it difficult to answer? ○ Rule of machines in everyday life, we now have to specialize in jobs in order to find job since machines have taken over the easier jobs ○ We like to think that we have our own autonomy – for it to be shifted over to machines it would be an abomination ○ Human being diplaced and deskilled by machines (Latour)  In the past banking required a teller in order to do banking – Are we losing ground ○ Change of labour practice where we no longer matter – becoming the instrument of a machine Youtube Examples – Dodge Challenger Freedom Commercial ○ American Revolution (British Red Coats Vs. American Revolutionaries)  Technology representation: • It is what gives freedom (the source) • Superiority with technology (horses vs. cars)  Religion – not free (religious regimes) • Undemocratic – New Apple iPhone Commercial ○ Technology is necessary ○ Everything is @ your fingertips (any desire you have can be coordinated) ○ Technology can be imbued with freedom What does Latour say about who controls whom, is machines controlling humans or vice versa, or is it more complicated than that. Man controls it by controlling the dissemination [134] Getting the interest – Manipulating technology and consumer in order to inspire interest – [125] alliances between humans and machines and machines ○ When we have a need we create for the need (hinge) – Idea of assimilation of technology into everyday life – [132] technology has a life of its own, (black box) – We started it ○ Page 134, Pasteur – Over time we become more reliant on it ○ Page 132 [black box] ○ Assimilation of technology – Needs Question 1: What does Latour argue against using a simple anthromorphism (like technologists) for understanding the non-human:? What kind of framework does Latour recommend instead? – Not a simple transfer ○ Seat belt, morality in seat belt  Example of not being anthropomorphic by  Morality has changed, it is not an anthropomorphic feature but a technological notice  Working with technology, it is playing a role,  Relation between human and non-human should be talked about differently •
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