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Alejandro Paz

Notes Chimeras- reference to a fantastic monster. Also was Greek term to define other parts of animal making one. This is a reference to an upcoming and new era. Talking what we see knowledge to be now and our understanding to what is to be man. The way we think of humans and the way we think of in terms of asylums is monstrous. Monster Overwhelming Consumes Sets limits on human Spill into society what we internalize Define of normal human. Marks feel that there is progress and when we are not bond to capital imperative so any step to that direction. Monsters are never treated in these accounts as monsters they represent something else for ex mad asylums in society. Feb 28 Monsters stand for something and more social Mental asylum creating separate realm, fouccaualt the great confinement. Latour-transform the ability to be human. Less certain the techn is a incredible force that must inseminating. Sees the inhuman as a certain achievement. March 14 Issue of hyberity as hey relate o the notions of monsters. Often the case that hybrids in general different to classify and monsters is not a category in its self. Tchno-anosim- kind of a expression of Japanese people in the world and these hybrid creates express them. -Science and technology rule and dominate human. -Foucault the term human precipate -Marx human desire surplus and which humans become slaves for tech. Non-human defines the human not the other way around. Instead of the human having control its the technology or machines. -The way the writers are expressing the humans means that we are animating the humans. We are anthropomorphizing the humans.
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