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STAB22H3 Lecture Notes - Intranet, Blackboard, Interquartile Range

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STAB22- Stats Lecture 1, 2, 3, 4 Notes
Essentially Parts of the Course
Data: Collecting, Organizing, Interpreting
Understand world, chose how to act
Separate sense from nonsense.
Learn about the most important concepts and techniques in statistics work.
Provides understanding of use of statistics in your own field.
Gain understanding from data.
From data through analysis to conclusions.
Learn concepts, their interrelationships
Some calculation.
Interpretation of software output
The Course Website
Announcements go there
Quiz marks go on Intranet
Not using blackboard! [There is a link to the course website there]
StatCrunch and it's Importance
Multimedia Instruction
Practice Problems
MyStatLab ---> Click Student ---> butler47874 [course id] ---> Create an ID and password.
Statistics- Questions?
Who, what, why, where, when, and how?
[In a plane crash]
Who: The Individual Cases (flights)
What: The Variables
-Categorical: flight number, type of aircraft, mechanical problems.
-Quantitative: number of passengers, lateness (minutes)
Why: Why these variables (help to assess safety and customer service)
When: Don't Know
Where: Worldwide
How: From pilots log.
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