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STAB22- Stats Lecture 1, 2, 3, 4 Notes Essentially Parts of the Course  Data: Collecting, Organizing, Interpreting  Understand world, chose how to act  Separate sense from nonsense.  Learn about the most important concepts and techniques in statistics work.  Provides understanding of use of statistics in your own field.  Gain understanding from data.  From data through analysis to conclusions.  Learn concepts, their interrelationships  Some calculation.  Interpretation of software output The Course Website Announcements go there Quiz marks go on Intranet Not using blackboard! [There is a link to the course website there] StatCrunch and it's Importance  Multimedia Instruction  Homework  Practice Problems  Etc. MyStatLab ---> Click Student ---> butler47874 [course id] ---> Create an ID and password. Statistics- Questions? Who, what, why, where, when, and how? [In a plane crash] Who: The Individual Cases (flights) What: The Variables -Categorical: flight number, type of aircraft, mechanical problems. -Quantitative: number of passengers, lateness (minutes) Why: Why these variables (help to assess safety and customer service) When: Don't Know Where: Worldwide How: From pilots log. Identifier Variables: - Identify individual cases -Flight number Notes  Using Figure 1. -- We can see that peoples opinions on how the family occupation environment has changed, hasn't in fact differed to greatly from 1991 to 1994.  Using Figure 2. -- In a simple bar graph we can see that more people believe it is ideal for a family to have one stay at home parent.  All four options chosen by reasonable number of people.  Using Figure 3. -- When we look at a pie graph we can see a different perspective on the number of people who believe one parent at home is ideal.  Using the comparison bar graphs/ Figure 4. -- We can see that even though the statistics may differ they haven't changed much.  But if you use a double bar graph you get a clearer view on the difference between the totals in the values mentioned.  The differences are still small. Introduction to Stat Crunch:  First he clicks on my data [after logging in]  He went to his section called Working parents. One of his files.  Usually; there should be a bunch of options at the top of the page which allows you to do different things.  Stat crunch is best when graphing because it is very neat and they are easily transferred to documents. Analysis' of Different Graphs:  The double bar graph allows for more comparison and more accurate comparisons between groups.  Cereal Calories Ste
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