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Ken Butler

LEC15 STAB22 CHAPTER 15 PROBABILITY RULES COVERS 1516Questions contact arq6mecom184 LAW AND BUSINESS SCHOOL EXAMPLE Changed to something easier Qa For a randomly chosen applicant to business school what is the probability that person is either male or accepted or possibly bothb How does that relate to the probability of being female and rejected changed qn to one applicant not twoAsideHINT if the question was talking about TWO randomly chosen applicants then I THINK you would doPboth accepted or both male or bothPboth malePboth acceptedPmale and accepted AND male and acceptedSOLVING a WE KNOW 800 business school applicants in totalof those600 are male 660 are acceptedSo defineMmale Aaccepted WE WANT PM or A or bothPM or A or bothPAPMPA and M 600800660800480800 780800almost a cerainty that person you choose is either male or accepted How can this probability fail note that we took into account all males and all accepted applicants So for this probability to fail the probability of randomly picking out a rejected female will succeedPrejected and female20800 which is the same thing as 1780800 Think about it how can you get person who is neither male nor accepted only way is by getting female person who is rejected if its not rejected then accepted
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