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Ken Butler

STAB22 LEC01 Covers the syllabus chapters 12 and some of 3note about lecture notes I am adding notes in addition to that in the slides I will sometimes however paraphrase the notes that are already on the slidesplease see the Abbreviations file to familiarize yourself with the abbreviations I use thro out my notes SYLLABUSnote these are just highlights I took down for syllabus For a link to syllabus click httpwwwutscutorontocabutlerb22outlinearticlepdf Statistics fundamental thing done in this discipline is learn to deal with data and numbers to collect and organize data to look at data in a way that we can learn sth from it Other things learnedto sep sense from nonsense not merely about what to do with sth but how to interpret sth in contextCOURSE STRUCTURE There are TUTORIALS have 2 purposes1 practice what is learned work thro probs of what was learned in PAST wk2 to give a straightfwd quiz at end of each TUT to make sure that you are caught up with classONLINE RESOURCES ex MyStatLabungraded practice problems to work on ex MyStatCrunchonline spreadsheet software draws pics calculates for us SECRET WITH MARKS the easiest marks come from the quizes ie they are like giveawaysEXAM FORMAT all multiple choice possible exam question can present us with output from MyStatCrunch and ask us what does it meanfinal 5060 qs is 3hrs long midterm 40 qs 2hrs longcan fill out both sides of the cheatsheet we are allowed to bring to exam 2 cheatsheets allowed for final 1 for midtermwont need scientific calculator and it does not need to be even able to calculate statistics functions COURSE MATERIAL 24 lectures so about a chapter per lecture nth new in terms of what is covered compared to last semesters
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