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Lecture 5


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University of Toronto Scarborough
Will Kwan

Lecture 5 The Video Assignment Relationship between the video and last lecture on Indigenous People EthnocentricPortrait from one perspective before but this time it is from the Vietnamese perspective Discourse is made up of media and stuffHe is saying that the Vietnam war was written by the western world he sounds like Edward SaidHis work is doing that same thing as Said he is trying to rewrite it and shape the discourseVietnamese culture is not static and people are changing contemporary This work is connected to the work of March Duchamp because it is taking an daily object and separating it from its contextThe helicopter is readymade such as Duchamps work he is presenting it as art Marcel DuchampHe played a significant role in questioning the conventions of art and making of artDuchamps early work the context in which he was making art and where his idea developed fromThe context he had two older brothers who were also artists and were cubist painters It was an important Avantguard around 1910 He also experimented with cubist ideas Jacque Villion was his brother who changed his nameHe was experimenting with existing ideas it was hard to escape what was happening around him and he tried to distinguish himselfIn 1921 he painted
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