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Lecture 7


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University of Toronto Scarborough
Will Kwan

Conceptual art and photographyPrimary material of conceptual art was words and secondary is photographyEdward shay series of art photography into a book photos and a brief descriptionHe made them in a particular way these pictures were vernacular everyday facts and informationRushasstock archives Pg 143To appropriate means to takePhotographs that werent stylist he was like Dechamp the avantguard trying to question the individual artIt is an attempt to get away from modernismAn approach to making photographs and using the camera it was challenging a specific convention that art has to goodinexpert and amateurish he was making the photographs in this way he has a choice to go into modernism and make high art of challenge it and go in the other directionThe object considered in this chapter consciously sought a proximity to utilarianismHe was also challenged another convention to renounce establish competences and skills in order to escape accepted was of doing thingsSkills of representing things in a technically proficient way the idea that skill is no longer related to artArt does not necessarily mean that you dont
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