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25 Apr 2012
Feb 1, 2012- Lecture 4
Create a problem, and answer that problem using the tools at your disposal that we
used (i.e. excel, word)
Artistic Director how are you going to program it?
On exam: Mission/purpose of your company
Know the process of database: how to create database using excel (manually enter
record number) or access (dedicated database)
Best way of designing database: put all information into specific fields
Database: ability to sort anything
Generalized appeal letter: not all letters will be the same ; every appeal will be
Letter form; strong opening (direct and to the point; one paragraph); what are
they getting from you (spell it out and make it as appealing and attractive as
possible; pointing out to a potential employer)
Your best strengths-> what are they getting from you
Intangisbles: great attitudes, great worth ethics
3rd paragraph: sell. How they benefit from participate; from an industry, very
often, people are participanting
In the cell, you’re selling that their willingness to give you more money, increae
tickets, come to a show, etc
Closing: quick, sweet, to the point, 4 paragraphs, 3-4 sentences each
paragraph, 1 page
Understand the type of company you are: ex. Non-profit, any commercial
industry (or for-profit), sole proprietor(individual owns and runs the company),
LLC or LLP (incorporated company; usually a small partnerships 2-3 or 4
people; limited partnership)
Relationships are the key to everything; by establishing the relationship, saves you an
eimense amount of work
Access: designed specifically for database
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